Established in 1881, Froehling & Robertson, Inc. is a minority-owned business as well as the oldest independent consulting engineering / testing firm in the United States. At F&R we focus on you by offering construction engineering and environmental consulting solutions that are innovative, yet practical.

Every day you must deal with deadlines, code compliance issues, and the numerous unforeseen problems that arise during construction. As a result, you know that the most successful projects are staffed by professionals that are obsessively focused on solving problems and minimizing roadblocks. It is only through assembling the best team possible that you can realize your vision on time and on budget.

F&R has been helping clients like you achieve your construction goals for more than 135 years. We are committed to the success of your projects and we take pride in ensuring that you receive the best possible service and support. Ultimately your success defines our reputation, so you can count on F&R to provide you with the high quality engineering and testing services you deserve.

The F&R Difference

Responsive Local Offices…Big Company Resources. We are close and available to serve you on every project, no matter the location, even when your timelines are challenging.

One Stop Service = No Delays and No Surprises. Completely in-house drilling, AASHTO accredited materials testing laboratories, and certified professional staff.

Speedy Delivery. We are the first firm in the mid-Atlantic to implement MetaField™ software to assist in the collection and transmission of field data which increases portability and enables faster lab results.

A Minority-Owned Business. F&R is a minority-owned Virginia SWaM and North Carolina HUB firm. As such, we can help your team meet its minority utilization goals.