Dr. Gary Pasquarell named Vice President of Quality and Technical Training

F&R is pleased to announce that Gary C. Pasquarell, PhD, PE has been named Vice President of Quality and Technical Training.  In this new role, Dr. Pasquarell (Gary, formerly F&R’s Director of Quality and Training) will direct the company training and quality control programs and to ensure implementation of those programs in each of our 12 offices.  F&R’s President, Don Sipher, PE said of Gary’s uncompromising dedication, ” Under Gary’s leadership and mentoring, we have made rapid progress in reshaping our company’s  commitment to provide a high level of quality in our engineering and testing services. Elevating his position to a senior corporate level further reinforces that commitment.”

F&R has intentionally focused considerable resources toward the goal of providing the best possible technical services to our clients, both in the field, and in the laboratory.  By intentionally focusing leadership on these values F&R has sent a clear message to our clients: we intend to deliver excellence to each project on which we have the privilege to work.  Our goal is to partner with our clients in the process of constructing facilities that will safely, efficiently, and effectively meet the needs of those who will utilize them for years to come.

Gary has been a passionate champion of F&R during his 15 years of service to the company.  We asked him to crystallize his vision for this new role and he summarized it as follows: “John Quincy Adams wrote, ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.’  If I had to boil my responsibilities down to one thing, it is to provide the kind of leadership defined by these words.  I aspire to serve, to come alongside the managers and staff in each of our 12 locations and to both cast a vision for excellence and to ask, ‘How can I help you achieve your goals for this office? How can I help you better serve our clients?’  I am excited about my new role because it allows me to emphasize the things that I value most: training, mentoring, leadership, and service.  I look forward to the benefits accrued to our clients on each project with which F&R has the privilege to take part.”

We’re pretty sure we couldn’t say it any better.  Congratulations Gary!!!