Groundbreaking for New F&R Crozet

F&R is thrilled to announce that we have broken ground on our brand spanking new Crozet operations center. F&R Crozet, led by Manager, Clyde Simmons, PE, has been operating in an office busting at the seams for years, with staff working in tandem in office spaces meant for one, makeshift walls constructed out of an abundance of necessary filing cabinets, and a VERY cozy atmosphere. Established in 1972 F&R Crozet has steadily grown under the leadership of Clyde and his predecessors, to the point that remaining in the existing original building, which also houses our accredited materials testing laboratory in equally close quarters, is no longer a viable option.

The original property, ideally located on Route 250, just minutes from I-64, was divided and a parcel sold which eventually became home to the immensely popular Pro-Re-Nata brewery, whose owner, Dr. John Schoeb, has been a supportive neighbor through every subsequent step of the process. With the property boundaries identified for the construction of the new office and laboratory, brw architects were our first choice to design the new separate, yet still connected spaces. Known company-wide as the F&R office with the best view, we wanted an aesthetically pleasing yet industrial and functional, and above all, SAFE facility…..and don’t mess with that view! Brw through the design expertise of Bruce Wardell and Kurt Keesecker, gave us just that. Our good friends and development experts at Balzer & Associates, in particular Ray Burkholder and Kent O’Donahue were our lead site designers and helped develop our plan from concept to construction, working diligently with Albemarle County to ensure property use and landscape compliance. Martin Horn, Inc. the General Contractor responsible for building other modern local landmarks such as the Starr Hill Brewery and the Violet Crown Theater will construct our new Crozet home under the direction of Doug Horn and Josh Horton.


The property was also home to what appeared to be a VERY old log cabin with possible historical value. F&R CEO Sam Proctor was intent on making certain we didn’t inadvertently demolish a local treasure and consulted with Albemarle County Board Supervisor Anne Mallek who helped us find the appropriate experts to weigh in on the structure’s provenance. The cabin was believed to be dated to the Revolutionary War era and of historical significance to many, most notably historic house restorer Dr. Matt Lucas who undertook the relocation of the cabin to downtown Crozet where he is painstakingly restoring the structure to its former glory. For the full story on the cabin’s restoration click here for the article in the Crozet Gazette.

F&R Crozet, one of our fastest growing offices in recent years despite the less than comfortable working conditions, will move into their new home in early 2018…we can’t wait to see what Clyde and his team can achieve in a spacious and modern environment!

F&R CEO Sam Proctor and CFO Timothy Glynn would also like to thank Read Goode at Divaris Real Estate for his successful efforts to sell a portion of the property and his consultation on construction and real estate matters. Furthermore, NOTHING is possible without the counsel of a great attorney and F&R has that in spades with Robert Chappell and Mark Miller at Spotts-Fain, PC.