Celebrating Marving Farmer’s 15 Years of Dedication to F&R’s Clients…and the Practice of Engineering

Today F&R celebrates Marving Farmer’s 15th year of service. Marving Farmer, PE, is a Senior Engineer and the Geotechnical Department Manager at the F&R Chesapeake Branch. Reflecting on his time with F&R, Marving said he appreciates having been able to work on such a wide variety of projects: courthouses, hospitals, high-rises, schools, and bridges. “I never felt key-holed into any one project type,” he says. However, he says it’s the people, more so than the projects, that are the best part of working at F&R. “F&R has talented people that challenge me to be better at my job.  I have learned many new things from my coworkers during my time here.”

It sounds like coworkers have learned quite a bit from Marving, as well. Let’s hear from them:

Congrats Marving! I’m glad to have you here as a mentor. Thank you for taking time to answer all my various questions and helping me along my career path!”

~Hillary Caponey, Laboratory Technician

“Marving is an invaluable member of the F&R Family and the Chesapeake team! He delivers professionalism and expertise, while lending years of meaningful relationships and industry knowledge. His stellar client service has not only gained our clients’ trust and loyalty, but his team’s as well! Congratulations Marving, on your #15!”

~Kristen Smith, MBA, Business Development Director

“Marving has been a great help to me in Chesapeake. He has proven a knowledgeable mentor and he has been tremendously helpful in keeping the office on track with recent improvements. He is steadfast in his convictions, which serves to ensure a great experience for our clients. His leadership in our geotechnical department is a key factor in the continued success of our branch. I look forward to many more years working with him.”

~Jed Mayes, PE, Chesapeake Branch Manager

“It has been my pleasure to know and team with Marving Farmer since he joined F&R in 2005.  Marving is always about F&R, making us better, pushing us higher.  He brings a wealth of technical skills in geotechnical engineering, but he is also able to cross over and make contributions in CMT when that is needed. I am proud to consider Marving not only a colleague, but a friend. Here’s a toast to 15 more years of great work!!! Congratulations Marving!”

~Gary C. Pasquarell, Ph.D., P.E., Vice President, Quality and Technical Training

His patience with me has been invaluable. He takes the time to explain things and share the ‘why’ and ‘how’ various things are done. He’s always got a joke or something to say that will cheer me up if I feel like I’m ready to throw my computer out the window or pull my hair out. He really has become someone that I respect and look up to.”

~Rivkah Katz, Office Manager