Putting the Special in Special Inspections

F&R is celebrating Erik Hofmann’s 15th year of service!  Erik graduated from East Carolina University (ECU) with a B.S degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a B.A degree in Geography.  He began his journey with the F&R Raleigh office as a construction materials testing technician during the hot summer of 2005.  Eric quickly learned the aspects of foundation evaluations, and soils and concrete testing.

Over the past 15 years, Erik has been instrumental in evaluating footing bearing grades for hundreds of homes across the Raleigh-Durham area.  Erik wasn’t content with just knowing the basic aspects of soils and concrete, but wanted to master them!  He studied hard to become an ICC Certified Special Inspector for Soils, Reinforced Concrete, and Structural Masonry and he has now become one of F&R’s more seasoned Special Inspectors.  

Some of the projects that Erik has helped to build include: Segra Stadium in Fayetteville; Holly Hill Behavioral Health in Raleigh; Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University; UNC REX Medical Office building addition in Holly Springs; and numerous subdivisions throughout the Raleigh-Durham Area.

Over the past 15 years, Erik has earned a place of high esteem among his colleagues. Read their comments here:

“A Passionate Pirate (ECU), Erik is a hard worker, dependable, punctual, and, most importantly, has the passion to do it right!  Erik has also trained numerous technicians and special inspectors. Congratulations, Erik, on your 15-year anniversary, and thank you for choosing to be part of the F&R family.  We appreciate your hard work and wish you success for years to come!”  ~Santhosh K. Mahavadi, P.E., Assistant Branch Manager

“Erik is one of the most consistent technicians that we have on our Raleigh Staff.  He brings value to each job that he is placed on with his technical knowledge. Erik has trained several technicians over the years.  We can always be assured that they will be trained properly thanks to Erik’s consistency.  He is an asset to the company and his hard work is greatly appreciated.” ~ John J. Wall, E.I., Project Manager

“Just call him ‘Michelangelo!’ Contractors have long commented on Erik’s unique application of the spray paint used to mark undercuts during foundation inspections. Thanks, Erik, for making job sites more colorful!” ~Bruce Brewer, Staff Engineer