Happy 30th Anniversary to the Coolest Cucumber at F&R!

Jackie Clingenpeel, multi-talented professional that she is, serves two vital roles at F&R: Executive Assistant to the CEO, and Environmental Marketing Associate. A Virginia native, Jackie grew up in Caroline County. Her first role with us, in 1990, was helping with administrative tasks for the Environmental Department. A few years later she began building what we now recognize as the Marketing Department, which back in 1995 was a “department of one.” Over the years, Jackie has worked on too many thousands of proposals to count. “Every day is different,” she says, “and that’s one of the things I love about working here.” Jackie lives in the West End of Richmond with her husband, David and thirteen year old daughter, Taylor.

Words alone cannot express just how much we appreciate Jackie’s many years of dedicated service, but let us try by sharing these few notes from those who have had the pleasure of working with her:

“I have been extremely fortunate to work with Jackie for nearly 25 years. Quiet competence and sound judgement are her distinguishing characteristics.  She’s one of the most professional people I have ever met- honest, reliable, and perceptive. Jackie never falters when the schedule is a challenge. Come to think of it, in a quarter century, I’ve never known her to a miss a deadline. Amazing. A soft smile and a can-do attitude is how she approaches this life. F&R is a great firm because of people like Jackie.” ~Sam Proctor, Chief Executive Officer

“Jackie taught me pretty much everything I know about my work here at F&R.  When I arrived I had no idea what we did and had never prepared a proposal in my life.  Creativity can only get you so far.  Jackie was a patient advisor, giving me the benefit of her encyclopedic 20 years of knowledge of F&R and her experience putting together proposals and SOQs.  I have never seen Jackie ruffled, furious, overwhelmed, anxious or even remotely self-involved.  I will never forget when she once got off the phone with a particularly difficult coworker and said softly and deadpan, “I am so mad”.  She is cool as a cucumber in a way that is truly admirable.  She is organized, tactful, professional and drama-free to a degree that I have never known anyone to be.  Jackie’s just a rare human being and I am lucky to know her and have learned from her.” ~Heather Monk, Marketing Director

“Jackie has been such a stable presence in the environmental team throughout her tenure.  Within the last three years we’ve worked very closely as we have collaborated on RFP responses.  So closely in fact that we discovered we have similar taste in sweaters and would typically be wearing the same sweater at least once every few weeks.  We eventually picked a certain day in which we would each wear it so we didn’t continue to be twins!  Jackie, I wish you all the best as you continue your path at F&R.” ~Christy Slaw, Director of Environmental Services

“Jackie – It has been a privilege to work with you over the last 20+ years.  When I think of F&R, I think of you.  You have been a wonderful co-worker, friend, counselor, and teammate.  I have always appreciated your positive, can-do attitude.  You have always helped me whenever I have needed anything.  You make F&R a better place.  Thanks for being you.”  Scott Sutton, Director of Business Development