Dedicated Lab Manager. Valued Advisor and Friend. Not a Giants Fan.

F&R is celebrating that 15 years ago today, Joe Boyd joined our team! Joe is the Laboratory Manager for the Dulles Office. Joe says, “My favorite thing about working at F&R is how employees are empowered for success in the engineering field, regardless of what role they play.  From Day One, I saw that employee training was a priority. F&R wanted to make sure all employees knew how to perform their daily responsibilities. Fifteen years later, the company still prioritizes equipping their employee to be the best at what they do.  Thanks to F&R for the opportunity to learn and to be part of an outstanding company.

F&R thinks that Joe is pretty outstanding, too! His colleagues had this to say:

Joe, you are the man! I can’t count the number of times you have helped me by answering my lab questions, handling client requests, and more. I always look to you for your expertise in lab testing. You consistently deliver and provide excellent results. We are very fortunate to have you as our lab manager and I appreciate your hard work. Apart from being a top lab manager, you are a kind and thoughtful person. Over these past five or so years you have helped me grow and learn as an engineer and I want to thank you for that. I consider you a great colleague and friend. Congrats, Joe!

                ~Marvin Merida, E.I.T., Engineering Staff

I have had the privilege of working with Joe Boyd over the past five years in laboratory audits, accreditation agency site audits, and in advising other laboratories.  Joe impresses me so much with his concern to do things correctly, to meet the requirements of our accreditation documents and standards.  Even more than that, Joe has always been an experienced professional willing to share his expertise with others to help their laboratories with onsite training and performing calibrations. Joe is not about Joe; he is about everyone.  He is a great person.  The only problem I have with Joe is that he is not a NY Giants fan! It is our privilege to have had Joe Boyd as our colleague for so many years.

                ~ Gary C. Pasquarell, Ph.D., P.E., Vice President, Quality and Technical Training

 “Joe has worked his way up from breaking cylinders to managing and maintaining the laboratory and handling QSM for the Dulles office. He has always asked questions and wanted to understand not only how the testing was done, but also why it was done. He is always willing to step in to serve as needed to complete work, including coming in on weekends and early in the mornings, so that stripping letters can be issued on time to keep our clients happy and projects moving forward.

                ~Oscar Merida, P.E., Director of Geotechnical Services