Goal Crusher, Valued Colleague and Renaissance Man!

Today F&R celebrates Jose Aviles 15th Year of Service! Jose is a CMT Technician in the F&R Dulles Office.

Jose has proven a most valued part of the F&R team since joining us 15 years ago. Over his time with us, he has adapted to the office’s needs and has been willing and able to wear multiple hats. He started as a field technician working on concrete and soils projects. He excelled in that role and began working in the laboratory. There, he learned the testing methods and became fully certified. Always wanting to learn more, and desiring to progress in his career, he began volunteering for Drill Rig inspector assignments. He has also taken it upon himself to learn how to use and repair the Texam Pressuremeter, becoming an F&R authority on Pressuremeter work. Jose has proven by his dedication and persistence that he can achieve any goal he chooses to chase.”

~Oscar Merida, P.E., Director of Geotechnical Services

Don Jose, thank you for all the hard and excellent work you do! You are very knowledgeable and I always seek out your experience and advice on soils. You consistently deliver and have been there to help me meet client expectations when it comes to lab testing. Apart from the stellar work you do, I always enjoy our conversations about Bolivia and your tales from past work experiences and projects. Over these past five or so years we’ve worked together, you have helped me grow and learn as an engineer and I want to thank you for that. I consider you a great colleague and friend. Congratulations Jose!

~Marvin Merida, E.I.T., Engineering Staff

 “I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Jose through my visits to Dulles to perform audits and provide various training sessions.  From the moment I met Jose, I knew that this was a person of exceptional ability.  Many do not know that Jose has an engineering degree and brings so much to the table in terms of his ability to follow detailed analytical requirements.  When work is put into his hands, it is always done well.  He has also worked on his own initiative to develop the Dulles Laboratory data collection forms, which have served Dulles so well over the years.  On top of it all, you will not meet a nicer gentleman or friendlier person than Jose Aviles.  Congratulations to my colleague and friend.

~Gary C. Pasquarell, Ph.D., P.E., Vice President, Quality and Technical Training

Jose has been an invaluable member of our lab staff. He is knowledgeable, hardworking, and dedicated to his work. It has truly been a pleasure to work alongside him for the past seven years.”

~James A. LaMarco, P.E., CMT Department Manager 

It is a great pleasure to have Jose on the Dulles team. He is hardworking, excels in timeliness, and is a valuable member of the Dulles office. His experience and knowledge have contributed to the success of our Laboratory and I wish him all the best.”

~Venisri Nagulapati, P.E, Dulles Branch Manager