Today we celebrate Marian Washington’s 35th year of service at F&R! Marian is the Receptionist and “Sunshine of Corporate” at our Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Here are some other words from her coworkers:

“Over the last 23 years that I’ve worked with Marian I can say that every time I see her she has a smile on her face.  She is filled with joy and passes that on to others.  I continue to hear positive comments from clients that call the main line: ‘you all have the nicest lady answering the phone.’  I’m thankful to have worked with her so long and am looking forward to continuing!  Happy 35th  Anniversary Marian!” ~Christy Slaw, Director of Environmental Services

“It has been a pleasure to have been here for such a miniscule part of Marian’s amazing 35 year career; however, in that short time, I’ve had the ability to see what great value Marian brings to the firm and how much better F&R is because of her years of dedicated service. Thanks for all you do for all of us and our clients!” ~Mike Matthews, President and Chief Operating Officer

“While I have only been here for four years, Marian Washington has made every one more pleasant than the next.  She is a constant face of optimism and truly the voice of “F&R.”  As HR has changed and expanded, Marian has expanded her duties to support the team in numerous ways, taking on challenges and making the work seem easy.  Marian once said, “Even when I am overwhelmed and all kinds of things are going on, I want to make sure the clients receive a pleasant greeting when they call and need help.”  She is truly client-focused and her reputation now precedes her!  Marian inspires me to look for the best in every situation and I truly appreciate her loyalty and commitment to F&R!” ~Tara Brown, Vice President of Human Resources

“I have had the privilege of knowing Marian since coming to Richmond in 2016, and working with Marian in the Quality & Training Department over the past two years.  She has helped us keep track of the certification database, which is no small task.  I am so impressed with how quickly and cheerfully she picked up the complexities of the database management process.  Marian is such a great person with whom to work.  She’s always positive, kind, and thoughtful.  Marian is the sunshine of Corporate.  I congratulate you, Marian, on 35 years of dedicated work, and look forward to the next 35!!” ~Gary Pasquarell, Vice President of Quality and Technical Training

“Marian brings a ray of joy into everyone’s life, she is one of the most positive and kindest of people I have ever met. For over 30 years Marian has been the voice of F&R, her greeting sets the first impression of who we are as a company: always positive, engaging and eager to help. If you look for a role model, look to Marian ~ Sam Proctor, Chief Executive Officer