F&R is celebrating Driller Helper Mickey Renza’s 25th Anniversary!

Today we mark Mickey Renza’s 25th year of service. Mickey is a Driller Helper at the F&R-Raleigh location.

“Mickey, it’s hard to believe that I’ve known you for 23 years now, yet we both look and act so young! I’ve long admired your willingness to get your hands (and clothes) dirty working on drill rigs. You know the drilling business about as well as anyone I’ve known, and I appreciate you as a co-worker and friend. I would say that I’d like to work with you another 23 years, but I hope we’re both retired before then! Happy 25th!!”

~Derick Racey, Drilling Services Manager

“Mickey has been great to work with and to get to know. I hope we have many more years working together.”

~Henry Riggs, Maintenance Supervisor

Mickey and I have been working together for the better part of 18 years. We’ve seen a lot of things and been to a lot of places. I guess you could say I’ve known him since Moby Dick was a sardine! Here’s wishing you many more years and much success.”

                ~David Tignor, Driller

“Congratulations Mickey on your 25th Anniversary with F&R!  Welcome to the over 25 Year club!  It’s been a pleasure knowing you these past 25 years.”

~Paula R. Gibson, Branch Administrator