We’re Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Penny Gladle, Engineering Technician in F&R’s Maryland Operations Center!

“I love Penny’s attitude.  It always revolves around getting things done.  Whenever I give her an assignment, I know that it’s going to be completed and be completed on time.”

~Nathan M. Schwarz, P.E., Construction Services Manager

“There is seldom a meeting where Penny’s voice is not heard. As a co-worker, she brings a combination of sincerity and quirky humor to every conversation. As a technician with 20 years of experience, Penny provides the commitment and reassurance our clients seek from F&R.”

~Adam Sherzai, CMT Manager

“I have worked with Penny for going on 17 years. She is always helpful whether it be a weekend job, after hours, or helping in the concrete lab. I enjoy working with her.”

~Terri Lessner, Office Manager