Professional, Knowledgeable and Committed to Excellence.

Today, F&R celebrates the 30 Year Anniversary of Mojeed Olu-Ajayi, a Senior Laboratory Technician in the F&R Maryland Office.

“Working with Mo has been a pleasure! He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help out, whether on a concrete pour or a roofing inspection.  His efforts in our soils lab resulted in improved Proficiency Sample Program (PSP) scores. He took a leading role in our AASHTO remote assessment and, during the debrief, the assessor commented about how professional and prepared Mo had been. This professionalism and reliability are traits I can always rely on with Mo.  Loyal and committed employees like him are the reason F&R has been doing what we do for as long as we have.  Thanks for your dedicated service, Mo.  We wouldn’t be where we are without you!” ~Nathan M. Schwarz, P.E.,Construction Services Manager – Maryland

“When I first started at F&R, Mo was already supervising in the CMT department: training technicians, keeping up with equipment repairs and calibrations, and scheduling services. He was one of the first Maryland F&R employees to participate in a CCRL lab audit and accreditation. Later, he was chosen to be our site inspector for very large projects and was one of the first Maryland F&R employees to become a MDE siltation control-storm water Facility Inspector.  He was then selected to be our site inspector for our military housing projects in Fort Meade.  This client liked his excellent quality of service so much that they requested he stay on their projects for the next ten years. Now, coming full circle back to the lab, Mo helped with our latest soils lab audit just this past month.  Mo – Thank you for your dedicated service on every assignment over all these years.” ~Brian E. Smith, P.E.,Project Manager for Military Housing