Landfill Density Improvement Plan Training

At F&R we believe that improving knowledge of landfill operations leads to more obtainable and sustainable  short and long-term objectives for your facilities. To that end, we have developed a series of FREE half-day  training sessions and discussion events designed to give managers, operators, and industry consultants an  opportunity to expand your base of professional knowledge by focusing on improving efficiency and profitability in a variety of areas.

Landfill density is one of several key operational performance standards utilized in measuring the current and overall performance of landfill staff and equipment. F&R’s Density Improvement Plan training session will offer each attendee a better understanding of what landfill density means to their site, how their operational efforts can improve density, and how to set their own density goals.  During this seminar, all attendees will create a Density Improvement Plan that can be implemented at their facility.

Presentation Highlights

  • Landfill density:  How is it measured?  How is it calculated?
  • Density’s effects on landfill airspace.
  • Factors that affect density:
    • Waste type
    • Soils
    • Weather
    • Compaction equipment
    • Compaction methods
    • Settlement
  • Goal setting and measuring performance
  • Site Specific Density Improvement Plan development

Session Date: 

8 AM – 1 PM – Lunch will be provided. 

F&R Statesville
1667 Davie Avenue
Statesville, NC 28625

Download an overview of this training session.

Download an overview of F&R’s complete Landfill Operational Training Program.

About Your Presenter, Raymond Hoffman, PE

Ray Hoffman has over 18 years in the solid waste industry…these have been spent as a consultant, as an owner (Post Collections Manager for 18 active landfills and 32 transfer stations in six states), and as a Contractor (during which Ray as involved with the construction of FIVE landfill cells in a one-year period). At Republic Services, Ray conducted internal training for groups of environmental managers as well as landfill and operations managers. On the circuit at SWANA and WASTECON events throughout Virginia and North Carolina, he has delivered presentations on a number of different topics including seeps, landfill gas, density, equipment maintenance, alternative daily covers, leachate management, working effectively with consultants and more.