Kristen Smith, MBA

Always positive and enthusiastic, Kristen Smith has more than 20 years of experience in client relations (her first BD position must have been during her toddler years) with stints in business development, operations management and federal and state construction.  If you know Kristen then you’d be hard pressed to come up with a job that is more suited to her talents than networking and meeting people.  But she’s got a lot of firepower behind the “meet and greet” – Kristen holds an MBA which gives her insight into the nuts and bolts of BD and what makes a successful business.  She just gets it and our clients are the better for it.  She is extremely active within our A/E/C industry, serving as a member of HRACRE, ABC, AGC, SAME, AIA, CREW and a host of other acronyms that only we understand.  Her career has been filled with the successes one might expect from a seasoned business person, (doubling revenue, implementing “strategies”, all that) but in her mind, Kristen’s most significant achievements are centered around making clients happy and meeting their needs with focus and dedication.

Personally, the beach life is where it’s at for Kristen.  Her father is a Marine Chemist so it must be in the genes.  She still lives in the coastal region where she grew up, enjoying sun and fun on the beach with her family (Kristen is a proud military spouse), just like when she was a kid.