Michael Matthews, PE

Inspiring the development of others is at the core of Mike’s business philosophy and drives his leadership approach. He and his team rely heavily on business analytics to develop a clear strategy that, when paired with our effective organizational structure, helps us see beyond where they are at the moment. Mike’s vision for the future focuses on strategically positioning F&R for the benefit for all of its employees.

Mike is our President, but he is also a teacher, lecturer and engineer. He designed and taught a class for three years on Professional Services Management at the University of Richmond graduate school of business and has been a frequent guest lecturer there, as well as at the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Virginia State University. He’s also presented on a variety of business topics for professional organizations, including the Virginia Council of CEOs, ACEC/Virginia, SMPS/Virginia, and the Virginia Engineers’ Conference.

From his prior experience as a consultant, Mike taps into his corporate leadership experience combined with his years of educational development to advise and mentor F&R’s leadership teams. His shared knowledge of business practice tools such as Balance Scorecard, Values Based Leadership, Leadership Development, Corporate Governance, and In-House Training Programs is invaluable to our success. He’s also called upon to give presentations on topics such as Business Ethics, Staff Development, Business Growth, Leadership Transition, and Pathway to Management.

When he is not working or learning, Mike likes to support his community and industry. He has served on various municipal and educational boards and held leadership positions in several professional organizations. He was Chair for the Virginia Council of CEOs, two-time president of ACEC/Virginia, and a member of the Executive Advisory Board for the Virginia State University college of business. Mike was also a board member for the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Virginia Council of CEOs for seven years.