Rommel Fajardo, PE

Rommel started working at his uncle’s construction company just a few days after receiving his degree in Civil Engineering. As he fondly says, “If you can survive working for a relative, anywhere else is smooth sailing.” While being family might have put him in a position of trust that led to more opportunity and responsibility, it also came with more scrutiny and accountability. He worked hard to prove his worth and earn the trust and respect of his colleagues, upper management and other staff.

Rommel now has over 35 years of experience in construction and engineering. This includes construction services, inspection and quality control, restoration and rehabilitation, building investigation and evaluation, and all phases of building design (new construction and renovations) and all types of building materials (concrete, steel, masonry, timber, light gage, carbon fiber).

With experience in project management and administration Rommel was exposed to business development, responding to RFP’s and solicitations, proposal preparation, marketing and interaction with clients and other design and construction team members. Rommel is a people person that is social and outgoing with a thirst for knowledge that allows him to carry on a conversation with just about anyone on just about any topic. He believes in developing and maintaining relationships for the long term and hopes to be able to apply his life experiences to help F&R grow even more.