Shambi Eubanks

Shambi began working with F&R in 2008 and enjoys engaging with the construction and design community at the myriad of networking event opportunities in the greater Washington region. A bit obsessed with not missing any important functions or pre-proposal meetings, she created an events calendar called “AEC in the DMV,” which covers DC, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia. As a means of personal outreach to industry connections, she shares this 30-day events outlook in a weekly e-mail. Let her know if you’d like to be “in the loop.”

Identifying a need for a construction/design industries group in the Fredericksburg region, Shambi launched ACES (architects, contractors, engineers, site developers). This group, ranging from 50 – more than 100 professionals (sometimes SRO!) in monthly attendance, features prominent developers and local government officials, sharing insights on upcoming regional projects and solicitations. All are welcome!

When not traveling the networking circuit, Shambi loves traveling abroad. Her bucket-list of destinations is taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza…which she just so happened to climb into recently. She was thrilled to discover that, even way back then, geotechnical engineers identified the best sites for the tombs in the Valley of the Kings! Her other passion is ballroom dancing, performing recently in the “Dancing with the Fredericksburg Stars”. She’s been pleasantly surprised to learn that there are more dancers in the AEC industry than one might think. She’s met architects that Salsa, developers who Tango, and building officials who can spin a mean Viennese Waltz!