Venisri Nagulapati, PE

As a child Venisri used to accompany her late father – also a Civil Engineer – on visits to the water works department reservoirs and construction projects, taking the opportunity to talk to his colleagues. This inspired her budding interest in civil engineering. After getting selected through an entrance exam for engineering studies, she chose the prestigious Osmania University (Dad was a proud alum!) to work on her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. In fact, Venisri was taught and molded by the same professors who inspired and trained her father. With the encouragement of these teachers, she became determined to pursue higher studies in civil engineering and subsequently obtained her Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Warangal. – her dedicated peers served as further inspiration to explore the challenges of geotechnical engineering. Her dream to combine structural engineering and geotechnical engineering came to fruition when she met and was mentored by another role model – the esteemed Professor Murty Madugula at University of Windsor, Canada – who provided an example of the wisdom, intelligence, temperament and personal qualities that can make an engineer outstanding. At Dr. Madugula’s urging, Venisri pursued and obtained a Master’s in structural engineering.

Throughout her studies and career Venisri has assumed a variety of roles, including scientist, bridge engineer and assistant professor. She enjoys field visits and is interested in combining practicality with theory. Venisri is always contemplating the challenges and finding workable and innovative solutions while learning something valuable in the process. Her bucket list includes being a part of civil engineering history (no big deal, right?) by getting her name etched in stone on an important project. Besides engineering, she enjoys the company of people and is an avid “foodie”.