Badrul Abdul Aziz

CMT Project Manager


Badrul Aziz has nearly 30 years of experience in a broad range of construction materials engineering projects. On a daily basis, Badrul is responsible for overseeing many of F&R’s construction materials projects in Charlotte, North Carolina. His duties include proposal preparation; CMT supervision for Laboratory and Field Services including proofroll of subgrade materials, foundation bearing evaluation, triaxial tests (uu and cu), consolidation, permeability, block and brick testing in general accordance with ASTM C 90, UL 618 and ASTM C 67, concrete floor flatness testing, and report preparation.

Always a client favorite, Badrul has performed these services for private, commercial, industrial and governmental facilities, with particular success in NCDOT design build endeavors. Projects include: schools, warehouses, parking lots, airport runways and taxiways, multi-story structures, retaining walls, dams, roadways, and manufacturing and power plants. He gets the job done for F&R’s clients who know that they can count on Badrul for immediate technical assistance with any challenge they face.