Brett D. Clarke, CWI

Metals Department Manager / Corporate Level III


Brett Clarke is experienced in shop and field metals inspection services, welder qualifications, and laboratory and field nondestructive (NDT) procedures.

He is familiar with ASTM, AASHTO, VDOT and sampling and testing procedures as applicable to the field and laboratory. He also is knowledgeable of field quality control procedures related to fire-resistive materials, adhesion/cohesion tests, density tests and UL acceptance criteria. He has broad experience in Metals/NDT inspection and testing which includes performing inspection and testing duties related to structural steel fabrication, construction, and erection. He has performed AWS/CWI inspections on mid to high-rise buildings and DOT bridges in the fabrication shop and during field construction phases. He has performed ultrasonic examinations in accordance with ASME, ASME B31.1 and B31.3, as well as AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.5.

Brett also has experience in soils testing, monitoring of pile driving installations, placement of structural fill, moisture-density determinations, field density testing/inspection, masonry inspection, special inspections, and geological surveys in addition to his NDT experience.