Brian E. Smith, PE

Technical Services Manager


Brian Smith has over 30 years of experience as a geotechnical engineer. During his career, he has provided extensive geotechnical engineering services, including foundation bearing pressures, settlement estimates, slope stability analysis and retaining wall design. He has gained this experience with structural and geotechnical degrees from the University of Maryland and using sophisticated in-situ soil strength testing and state of the art foundation installation testing equipment. Brian is co-author of two technical publications concerning stress distribution beneath pavements and field results of an instrumented piled-raft foundation.

His daily responsibilities include supervision of F&R’s geotechnical services, including subsurface explorations, geotechnical engineering analysis and report preparation for high rise buildings, bridges, parking garages, industrial buildings, heavily loaded grain bins, and municipal waste landfills. Brian has provided design recommendations for high rise buildings such as the William Donald Schafer Tower and the University of Maryland Dental School and other notable high rises in Baltimore. Furthermore, he has provided recommendations for multi-story structures in Washington, DC, Chicago and Cleveland. Working on behalf of his clients’ efforts to construct a more economical foundation, Brian has offered technical support during design build construction phases of earthwork and foundation construction using field test data to modify/improve upon the design assumptions.

Throughout his career, Brian has been entrusted to manage some of F&R’s largest contracts and clients and using his “We Can Build This” attitude, he has solved difficult foundation constructability problems that helped provide a value engineering solution for our clients. Using his multiple state experience, he has managed our multi-state military housing code inspection program which encompasses projects from the mid-Atlantic to as far as Alaska.