Caleb M. Lange, PE

Director of Energy Client Services


A self-described “old soul”, Caleb Lange walks the tightrope between professionalism and enjoying work by singing loudly at his desk and eschewing shoes wherever possible. Caleb regularly (while wearing shoes) provides overview responsibility for geotechnical and materials testing on various construction projects during earthwork and foundation phases which include the excavation and replace procedures, proofrollling subgrades, placement of structural fill, foundation observations related to bearing capacity, and including the use of dynamic cone penetrometers.

Caleb’s interest in geotechnical engineering includes everything from building fences in his backyard to significant excavations and keeping tall buildings from falling over. He enjoys inspecting 50+ foot deep caissons and fantasizes about using his rock climbing skills to scale the face of the completed towers for which has engineered the foundations. His daily geotechnical responsibilities include site reconnaissance, field coordination, review and evaluation of test results, and geotechnical analysis of foundations and pavements. Caleb currently oversees geotechnical project engineers and assists clients with site selection service, complex site conditions, and feasibility studies. His project site experience is broad ranging with multi-level structures in residential, commercial and educational settings, bridge, roadways, dams, warehouses, and medical buildings.

As the newly appointed Director of Energy Client Services, Caleb Lange interacts closely with some of F&R’s largest clients. He is also responsible for generating new relationships within the Energy sector. He coordinates interoffice efforts within F&R to ensure that deadlines are met and deliverables are maintained. This includes the logistical operation of sharing drilling assets, coordination of site layouts, balance of personnel work loads, and maintaining open communication regarding the expectations of the client and progress of the work.  When needed, he provides review or engineering support to projects.