Carl P. Bell, PE, LEED AP

Branch Manager


“Don’t do your best. Do better than your best.” This is what Carl’s mom told him when he brought home a kindergarten report card with a C+ on it. That lesson stuck with him throughout the remainder of his education and continues to drive his career today. Always a good all-around student, Carl excelled at math and science which made the decision to major in engineering a no brainer. Carl got his love for construction from his dad who was a union iron worker in Washington, DC for over 20 years, so a career in Geotechnical Engineering was a natural fit. Over the past 12 years, Carl has learned all facets of Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections (CMT/SI) from the ground up. Actually, from below the ground, as Carl has performed down-hole inspections on over 100 caissons in addition to inspection of various other foundation types. In addition to technical field experience, Carl has successfully managed hundreds of CMT/SI projects.

Carl’s project management philosophy focuses on responsiveness…answer phone calls, respond to emails, meet deadlines. Simple sounding, sometimes difficult to execute, but absolutely vital for successful project and client management. As a Branch Manager, “do better than your best”, is more relevant than ever. Whether it’s mentoring junior staff, uncovering project leads, preparing proposals, interacting with clients or serving on the WACEL Board of Directors – exceeding expectations is the goal. Nothing less is good enough – thanks Mom.