Harry V. (Butch) Neal, Jr., MS, PWS

Environmental Business Development


Butch Neal has lots of interests, and if you’ve got time to sit and talk for a while, he is sure to have a story to tell you about something relevant to whatever issue that brought you to his office in the first place.  Anything from growing up in Central Florida, before Disney; serving in the military in the early 70’s and spending much of that time overseas; living in Central America or changing careers on a few occasions, or; his University and Professional life: clearly he’s been a bunch of places…and he’s willing to share.

If you have the time, he’s likely to tell you how and why he became an environmental and professional wetland scientist (PWS), how he remembers when natural resources (like our lakes and rivers) were still natural – still healthy. He’ll tell you how he remembers thinking that someone had to do something- if only in a small way- to speak for the earth, hopefully so our kids could still enjoy all the wonderful natural communities he had the pleasure to enjoy growing up in Central Florida.

So, after seeing some of the world in uniform, running his own businesses and getting back to school…Butch dedicated himself to finding solutions for the many challenges in the environmental realm. With a BS and MS in Biology, field studies with small consultancies, and experience gained as a permitting professional on the regulatory side of the business, he joined a large A&E firm spending almost 24 years working all things environmental with a “natural resources” focus. Before coming to F&R he’s even done a couple years in the construction oversight and quality control side of the business. This diverse background (and passion for helping clients find the perfect solution to their needs) affords Butch the opportunity to talk to F&R’s clients not only about environmental services but most all of what we do.