Heather Monk

Marketing Director


Perennially overdressed for the concrete lab, Heather Monk is our brand warrior. With a long background in food and hospitality, the challenging transition to marketing for a construction engineering firm has been one she has overcome with relish. And mustard. A perfectionist when it comes to all things brand related, Heather can be found agonizing over the size of a logo, scolding an engineer over the use of improper font, and enthusiastically telling the F&R story to win some of our firm’s largest and most well-known projects. Her role at F&R encompasses a motley assortment of responsibilities from proposal management, graphic design, and marketing collateral development to event planning, and business development strategy. To keep it all straight, Heather is an obsessive list maker and sometimes talks to herself in a colorful fashion. It isn’t always easy being the right brain in sea of lefties, but she makes it work with humor, passion, and total dedication to every single task.