Jesse D. Phillips

Environmental Group Manager


Jesse Phillips, the Environmental Group Manager of the Roanoke office, has a breadth of experience that lends itself well to the variety of services F&R offers and allows Jesse to bring to bear the many environmental issues that a typical project may encounter. Jesse’s well-roundedness is rooted in the many professional roles he has fulfilled: fisheries biologist on commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea; soil and groundwater remediation system management throughout Virginia; construction materials technician; Industrial Hygienist; landfill construction inspection. He has worked across the disciplines that F&R offers engendering an understanding of the various aspects of a project and how to make them work together.

He has always worked toward a more comprehensive understanding of circumstances. His double majors in Environmental Science and Philosophy, two seemingly disparate disciplines, are evidence of his desire to see the way things interact. Rather than seeing things as mutually exclusive, he looks for the ways things can and do interact. This allows Jesse to utilize his staff to maximum efficiency on a project; whether it is in performing environmental due diligence associated with a real estate transaction, or an asbestos survey prior to a building renovation, or an indoor air quality evaluation in an office or residential setting, he looks for the strengths of each person on F&R’s environmental team and works to exploit those strengths to the maximum benefit of our clients.

The fact that he is equally likely to be found volunteering with his local Cub Scout pack (as a former Eagle Scout), learning or leading at his church, at a classical or rock concert, running the local greenways, or hiking the Appalachian Trail attest to the fact that a diverse background isn’t just a past accomplishment, it’s a way of life.