Jessyca Woodruff, PE

Branch Manager


Jessyca Woodruff is the Roanoke CMT Department Manager and one of F&R’s rising stars. In this role she oversees project managers, lab personnel, and technicians as well as managing projects for VDOT, schools, parks, hospitals, highways, and commercial buildings, just to name a few. Jessyca is experienced in various field engineering services including proofrolling subgrades, observing the bottom of footing elevations for bearing capacity and observes excavate and replace operations related to replacing unsuitable soils with acceptable fill material. She also performs dynamic cone penetrometer tests to establish bearing capacities for fill materials and in-situ soils. Jessyca has performed field sampling and inspection and has field and laboratory experience in observations of concrete placement, including slump tests, air content determinations, temperature, and casting concrete compressive strength specimens. She has a background in laboratory testing of soil and concrete test samples. Jessyca brings all of this in-depth experience to bear as a mentor for F&R’s summer engineering intern program.

Jessyca is one half of a husband and wife inspection team (her husband William is also on staff) and she has been rewarded for her dedication as a past “CMT Professional of the Year”. She manages her department’s projects with singular devotion and is most gratified by the parts of her job where a project goes from a mud hole of problems and challenges to something special, like a local library she can visit with her kids.