John P. Sensabaugh, PE

Senior Geotechnical Engineer


John Sensabaugh has over 35 years of experience providing geotechnical services, 30 of which was performed in the Hampton Roads area. His responsibilities include various supervisory duties in the areas of geotechnical and materials engineering, and in the areas of field and laboratory testing of soils, concrete and asphalt.

John is experienced in performing analysis and reviewing data pertinent to foundation design and site preparation for residential and commercial structures, including subsurface structures, pipelines, dams, multi-story structures, storage tanks, water treatment plant structures and waterfront bulkheads. Analyses have included deep (pile and caissons) and shallow (spread footing and mat) foundations. He has also coordinated and supervised construction monitoring services for these projects. John’s field evaluations have included caisson and pile installation (displacement and auger-cast piles), load testing, proofrolling of subgrade soils, and evaluation of shallow foundation bearing soils. His experience with field instrumentation has included resistivity surveys, pneumatic piezometers, vane shear, settlement plate, and plate bearing tests. He has developed methods for performing field hydraulic conductivity tests on both low and high flow rate soils.