Julia Waring, PE

Construction Services Manager


Growing up as an athlete, Julia Waring realized that she would never be happy if her job required her to spend all of her time behind a desk. Still unsure of exactly what she was going to do with that bit of self-realization, she spent a rigorous summer being introduced to military engineering while earning her bachelor’s degree at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After it was all over, she was convinced that she and engineering were a perfect match.

Over her years of team sports and military life, she has honed her skills in bringing together teams and streamlining processes. This, combined with her love of math and her commitment to being as physically active as possible, has allowed her to become an intuitive and effective engineering manager.

Whether it is at work making sure that her clients have the best engineering solutions possible available to them, or competing as a bodybuilder, Julia has proven time and again that she is strong in both mind and body….literally.