Patrick Lane, EIT

Business Development Manager


Patrick Lane is the Business Development Manager supporting F&R’s Chesapeake office. Pat’s 31 years of business development experiences have been focused on engineering and business solutions, with over 23 of those years in the engineering, environmental, and construction materials testing fields. Pat worked with three small business startup firms and employed “guerrilla marketing” approaches to establish their market share. Many life lessons were learned, the least of which he gained was the dogged persistence to simply “win or go home.”

Pat grew up in Virginia. After graduating from Virginia Tech, his first job took him to Vermont where he met and married his wife of 42-years, Joanne, before being transferred to Southern California where they lived for 19-years and raised two children. Pat and his family moved back to Virginia and had the thrill of seeing his son become a graduate of Virginia Tech and his daughter become a Navy doctor. Pat and Joanne have one granddaughter.

Pat’s hobbies are vegetable gardening, woodworking, and international travel. He enjoys making wooden college logos for his clients’ alma maters and turning Christmas bowls for friends and clients.