Robert H. Vester, Jr., PE

Transportation Program Manager


From a young age, Rob Vester enjoyed math and science…he just didn’t realize it. It took a meeting with a friend of the family (who happened to be a Civil Engineer) during middle school to open his eyes to the world of engineering. Who knew all those hours of building things out of blocks and LEGO bricks were training his brain for engineering?

While growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Rob had the good fortune of having several teachers push him toward a career as a Civil Engineer. Deciding that this was what he wanted to do with his life, Rob attended SUNY at Buffalo with every intention of becoming a Structural Engineer. However, he was inexorably lured to complexity and mystery that is geotechnical engineering.

After flirting with a potential career in the public sector as an engineering intern with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Rob decided to leave the Great White North once he had his Master’s degree and move to the warm, yet extremely humid confines of Richmond, Virginia to take a job in the private sector. Even though Rob thought his time in Richmond would be brief, he recently realized that he has been a central Virginia resident for 17 years! During that time, Rob has worked as a geotechnical engineer on projects as diverse as landfills, residential development, roadways, retaining walls, embankments, utilities, commercial structures, dams, and much more.

This phase in Rob’s career has been characterized by his desire to help others ahead of himself. He listens to the needs of his clients and delivers on those needs. His experience and skill set enable him to manage multiple tasks and be an effective communicator. It’s because of these qualities that Rob was an ideal choice when F&R was looking to create a Transportation Program Manager position for its Virginia operations. Today, Rob works hard to enhance and expand F&R’s Transportation client base by showing potential clients how F&R can help them solve their problems. Rob is the axis around which F&R’s Virginia transportation work spins, and he relishes the challenge that comes with ensuring that all of F&R’s personnel that work in this arena coordinate their efforts so we can provide the most effective and cost efficient support possible.