Ryne Turner, PE

Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Manager


As Greenville’s newly appointed Branch Manager, Ryne Turner is responsible for project management and technical oversight of all field and office personnel.  Wearing two hats, Ryne also closely manages the efforts of the Construction Services Department (Ryne was promoted but his old shoes are hard to fill!), ongoing materials testing projects and oversight of field technicians and our in-house multi-accredited laboratory.


His areas of expertise include evaluation and troubleshooting roadway and paving subgrade problems, erosion prevention and sediment control, foundation repair and subgrade analysis, material placement inspection, seismic refraction and Remi testing and analysis, and field control. He also performs a variety of fire proofing testing in laboratory and field settings as a special inspector or a Quality Assurance provider. Moreover, Ryne has worked in laboratory settings performing a variety of testing on soils, asphalt, and concrete. His testing includes but is not limited to: proctors, CBRs, atterberg limits, sieve analysis, asphalt densities, concrete mix design, and concrete strength testing (compression and flexure).

During his career, Ryne has worked in both the public and private sectors – an experience that has provided him with valuable insights into the roadblocks facing nearly all types of clients. He is well versed in field engineering methodology and takes great pride in his work and his ability to help his clients address any engineering issue.