11th Street Bridge Corridor

This project consisted of reconstructing and reconfiguring the interchange of the Southeast/Southwest Freeway and the Anacostia Freeway over the Anacostia River. The effort involved the construction of replacement bridges, ramps, retaining walls, stormwater management facilities, associated pavements, interchanges and grade separation structures, and other piers or abutments supporting existing bridge superstructures outside of the river.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided construction materials testing and inspection services as part of the Quality Control (QA/QC) requirements for this nearly 4-year project. Specifically, F&R:

  • Evaluated subgrade conditions prior to placement of structural fill and pavement base material.
  • Performed density testing on structural fill and base materials.
  • Observed structural foundation bearing grades
  • Inspected reinforcing steel and formwork prior to concrete placement.
  • Observed hot and cold weather concreting techniques.
  • Tested ready-mixed concrete at the time of placement.
  • Processed quality control testing and inspection at the asphalt and concrete batch plant.
  • Performed field inspection of structural steel assembly, including flied bolted and welded connections.
  • Observed structural steel fabrication shop QC processes.
  • Tested field coatings of roadway railing and signage structures.
  • Observed pavement construction, including subgrade and base course proofrolling and density testing.
  • Assisted in the preparation of QC testing, sampling and inspection protocols, procedures, and plans.