Anderson County Bridge Replacement Projects

Due to flooding causing the Broad Mouth Creek to overtop the existing bridges, Anderson County brought F&R in to perform a geotechnical exploration in support of the construction of two replacement bridges on Blake Dairy Road as well as a replacement bridge slated to be built on Simmons Ford Road all located in Belton.

F&R’s subsurface investigation consisted of test borings with rock coring of up to 40 feet in efforts to evaluate the geological conditions. The data gathered from soil and rock samples was analyzed in the F&R laboratory and consisted of a consolidated-undrained (CU) triaxial shear test, standard Proctor and index testing on a bulk sample of material, and soils and rock cores were submitted for testing of sieve analysis, percent fines, Atterberg Limits, and natural moisture content.

The results of this testing program were reviewed by geotechnical engineers to develop recommendations for foundation construction and overall site improvement for the proposed bridge replacements. F&R’s geotechnical engineering professionals concluded that the subsurface conditions were suitable for the support of conventional shallow spread foundations. Further recommendations were given regarding site preparation, slope stability issues, structural fill placement and compaction, and groundwater control measures.

Subsequently, Anderson County called upon F&R to perform these same services in support of the Massey Road and Walker Road replacement bridges.