Arkwright Landfill

Upon closure of the Arkwright landfill, the City of Spartanburg, SC was required to install a cover system to contain the landfill contents before final closure could be complete. The cover contained approximately 30 acres of landfill material and due to varying existing grades within the landfill, was not of consistent depth. The cover system consisted of the cap of compacted structural fill, a welded in place geomembrane system, a geocomposite drainage layer, and a final protective layer capable of supporting a six inch depth of vegetative cover.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided construction quality control services based on the guidelines set forth in the contractor’s quality assurance report. Our services specifically included:

  • Collection of bulk soil samples during excavation of soil liner material and performing all control tests as listed in the construction documents, including: visual classification, moisture content, grain size analysis, standard proctor tests, and remolded hydraulic conductivity tests;
  • Observing placement and compaction of liner soils and performing field density tests using the nuclear gauge method on the compacted cohesive cap material;
  • Collecting bulk soil samples and performing laboratory tests on liner material during the placement and compaction of the liner;
  • Providing daily field reports from our technical staff to on-site project representatives, and;
  • Providing summary reports of test results and summary of the activities that occurred prepared by our engineering staff.