Auburn High School

When Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) decided that it was time to replace their aging high school, they called on F&R’s services for multiple phases of the project.  F&R began by providing a hazardous materials survey for the existing high school prior to demolition.  For the hazardous materials that were discovered, including asbestos, F&R then provided recommendations for their safe removal and then monitored the abatement of these materials for compliance with the recommendations.

When the new school site was selected, the MCPS project’s designer brought F&R on board as a sub-consultant to provide a subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering report for the facility.  F&R’s team of drillers provided 45 standard penetration test (SPT) borings for the site, after which F&R’s engineers provided recommendations for bearing capacity, retaining walls, and construction techniques.

Finally, during construction F&R’s team provided MCPS with special inspections and construction materials testing services for the new high school.  Specific duties included compacted fill, cast-in-place concrete, unit masonry, and structural steel framing.