Bremo Bluff Power Plant

F&R designed the asbestos abatement of a 70-foot high boiler at Bremo Bluff Power Plant in Bremo Bluff, Virginia for Dominion Virginia Power (Dominion) and provided 24/7 asbestos abatement oversight for 30 days. The asbestos abatement was associated with the conversion of the plant’s boilers from coal to natural gas. Through F&R’s efforts the Contractor was able to complete the project safely and on-schedule while still complying with all applicable regulations and Dominion guidelines.

F&R was contracted by Dominion Virginia Power (Dominion) to design the asbestos abatement of a 70-foot high boiler in association with the conversion of the boiler from coal to natural gas. In addition to designing the asbestos abatement project, F&R was designated as Dominion’s safety representative and as such was responsible for enforcing Dominion health and safety policies. Challenges to this project that are not present on typical asbestos abatement design/oversight projects included incorporating scaffolding and fall protection into the design of the project, the enforcement of general health and safety regulations/guidelines, and the fact that 24/7 support for 30 days was required.

Through F&R’s diligence and cooperation, we were able to overcome the technical and logistical challenges of this project and assist the Contractor in completing it on-schedule and most importantly safely. F&R was able to fill the role of Dominion’s eyes and ears on-site allowing them to focus on other issues during the conversion of the plant from coal to natural gas.