Chevy Chase Recreation Center

This project consisted of a complete renovation and expansion of the existing recreation center. The existing play areas were demolished and replaced with new play areas, including a splash park, dog park, and ball field. F&R provided construction materials testing for this project in the areas of:

Performed soils classification on structural soil fill material.
Observed subgrades for stability.
Observed foundation bearings prior to placement of concrete.
Tested structural fill for density utilizing the nuclear method.

Cast-in-Place and Site Concrete
Observed and documented concrete placement.
Tested concrete for slum, air content, and temperature.

Observed masonry construction.
Verified reinforcement and anchor conditions.
Performed compressive strength tests.
Monitored grout placement and cavities.

Structural Steel (Bleachers, Score Board, Joists)
Verified bolted and welded connections.
Confirmed manufactures certificate of compliance.
Observed erected steel construction.

Spray Fire Resistance Materials (SFRM)
Observed substrates for proper preparations.
Verified application thickness of SFRM.
Performed adhesion/cohesion bond and density testing.