Clemson University Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Due to existing potential hazards when accessing the soccer fields adjacent to SC Highway 93, Clemson University undertook a pedestrian safety improvement program designed to facilitate access to the recreational area. The improvements consisted of a new pedestrian elevated cast in place walkway supported by concrete columns with retaining walls constructed alongside.

Additional improvements included a terraced viewing area, new bleachers with brick faced concrete screen walls with a cast stone coping detail built around their perimeter, and the extension of the walkway up to Mell Hall, where it widened at the driveway apron. The Mell Hall parking lot was reconfigured with new sidewalks, seat walls, curb and gutter, and divider curb. The project also involved some new storm drains and lighting/electrical work.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided materials testing and special inspections during construction. During earthwork, our services included characterizing fill material, observing initial soil conditions, and performing density testing during grading and backfilling activities. In the course of concrete work, which included footings, sidewalks, walls, seatwalls, and cast in place piles, F&R observed the foundation bearing soils, verified the proper installation of reinforcing steel, monitored concrete placement operations, and cast test cylinders from samples of the arriving mix. During concrete curb and gutter pours, we monitored concrete placement operations and cast test cylinders from samples of the arriving mix. While masonry was being installed, F&R verified the placement of reinforcing steel and laths, monitored grout placement operations, and cast test samples from the mortar and grout used at the site. We also provided electrical inspections as required by the schedule of special inspections.