Conway Center

So Others May Eat (SOME), a DC nonprofit focused on helping the poor and homeless in DC, is transforming three parcels of land adjacent to the Benning Road Metro Station into a mixed use development in DC’s Ward 7. The facility, called the Conway Center, is a 320,000 square foot green building and is reported to be the first facility in the District to combine homeless assistance services in a single location. The development will include a new seven-story mixed-use building with 202 units of affordable housing for the homeless and low-income families and individuals, SOME’s Center for Employment Training with classroom space, a medical and dental health care center managed by United Health Care, and a parking garage. This integrated facility’s purpose is to help meet impoverished DC residents’ needs for housing, job training, and health care. The project will cost an estimated $90 million and has been funded by SOME, private gifts and pledges, and approved public sources.

The project site is located directly across from the Benning Road Metro Station and occupies an entire block. A portion of the construction is within the Zone of Influence of the WMATA station. Froehling & Robertson, Inc. (F&R) provides automated, real-time positional surveying of the Benning Road Station in general accordance with the project site specific work plan and the Adjacent Construction Manual during the below grade construction. These results are reported to the Construction team and WMATA Joint Development Adjacent Construction engineer daily via a project web site to aid the team in assessing potential impact of construction activities on adjacent WMATA structures and assure that the construction does not adversely affect the existing adjacent structures.