Cotton Warehouse Demolition

City of Anderson acquired a former cotton warehouse originally constructed in 1943 and planned to demolish the structure to redevelop the property.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was retained to provide Pre-Demolition Asbestos Inspection, Asbestos Project Design and Asbestos Air Monitoring during the abatement effort.

Asbestos Inspection Scope of Work
F&R developed an inspection protocol for suspect asbestos containing materials to be disturbed during the demolition.

Asbestos Inspection, Reporting and Project Design
F&R collected 35 samples from the interior, exterior and roof of the structure and submitted them to an accredited laboratory for analysis. F&R then prepared a report of inspection findings based on the results and an Abatement Project Design for bidding of the abatement by the abatement contractors.

Asbestos Air Monitoring
F&R will be providing the Asbestos Air Monitoring on behalf of the City when the abatement and demolition phase of the work begins.