Dominion Surry Power Station

For over forty years, Froehling & Robertson, Inc. has provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services to the owners of this facility. This work included not only ongoing expansion and maintenance efforts, but also the preliminary site investigation, soil borings, and analysis for Units 1 and 2. F&R performed quality control testing for all production concrete united 1 & 2 for over 175,000 cubic yards.

Today, F&R has an on call contract to provide testing services to the facility. This work undertaken as part of this contract includes performing and reporting density testing on soils and monitoring and sampling concrete for compression strength testing at the jobsite.

Construction materials testing services provided during these projects have included the testing of soils, concrete, masonry, reinforcing steel, structural steel, and asphalt.

Geotechnical investigations have focused on testing of soil classification and moisture content, performing proctor and CBR testing, analyzing bearing capacity and settlement for representative conditions, and providing foundation recommendations.

Environmental services have included chemical lab exposure sampling, generator exhaust exposure sampling and Glutaraldeyde sampling as well as mold sampling at the power plant.