Dulles East Baggage Basement

The new east baggage facility is a 2-3 story, 40,000sf underground facility intended to provide additional space for baggage carousels.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was brought on board during the installation of approximately 75 drilled shaft foundations for support of the new expansion. Prior to the drilling of the shaft foundation, F&R performed rock coring to collect samples of the bearing stratum at bearing elevations prior to installation of the drilled shaft.

F&R mobilized two drill rigs to the site to conduct the rock core borings. Twenty-two test borings were performed, with depths ranging from 14 to 28 feet and totaling more than 600 linear feet of drilling. Once the drilling phase was complete, F&R provided laboratory services, which included:

  • Natural moisture tests to verify the rock properties of selected subsurface samples;
  • Unconfined compression tests on rock on selected samples; and
  • Bulk Specific gravity tests to determine the density of selected subsurface samples.