Fort Bragg Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

This 35,000sf project is composed of two main types of functional areas: Repair Bay (consisting of repair areas and maintenance areas) and the Core Area (complete with equipment and parts storage and administrative offices). Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided the construction materials testing and special inspection services required for this new facility built in Fort Bragg’s Old Post Historic District. Materials inspected as part of this project included:

Earthwork – Evaluating finished subgrades, monitoring the installation of deep foundation systems, and performing laboratory Proctor compaction tests and in-place field density tests.

Reinforced Concrete – Check reinforcing steel and placement; checking plastic concrete for temperature, slump and air content; and curing, weighing, and breaking concrete cylinders.

Masonry – Checking proportions of site prepared mortar, construction of mortar joints, and location of reinforcement and connectors; verifying size and location of structural elements; and monitoring grout placement.

Structural Steel – Verifying material of high strength bolts, nuts, and washers; verifying material of weld filler; verifying qualifications of shop and field welders; inspect welding of structural and reinforcing steel; inspecting steel frame joint details.

Stone Base and Pavements – Proofrolling subgrade and performing laboratory compaction tests and field testing on aggregate base course (ABC) stone.