FSU Renaissance Hall

Fayetteville State University’s Renaissance Hall was a new residence hall built to satisfy the needs of the school’s expanding student body. The new 82,300sf facility was designed to house nearly 350 students and had three stories, a media room, recreation room, and study area.

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was hired to provide materials testing services during the construction of the dormitory. These services included:

Soils Services

  • Laboratory soils testing, consisting of Proctor Analysis and soil classifications.
  • Field density testing to monitor the percent compaction of fill and backfill materials.
  • Subgrade soil and stone base proofrolling.

Concrete Services

  • Sampling of the plastic concrete.
  • Determining air content and slump of plastic concrete.
  • Monitoring of concrete shipping tickets.

Masonry Services

  • Molding and testing mortar and grout specimens.
  • Conducting pre-construction tests on mortar and masonry units.