Gatewood Dam

The Town of Pulaski owns Gatewood Dam, which serves as the Town’s water supply reservoir and also a recreational park. The drainage area to the dam is 15 square miles and is only 5 miles upstream on Peak Creek which flows through the middle of Town. Froehling & Robertson, Inc. performed an inundation study which demonstrated a tremendous potential for impacts. Due to the mountainous terrain, Peak Creek criss-crosses under railroad tracks 10 times within the first few miles between the dam and Town before the slope levels out near the Town limits.

The Town also requested that F&R prepare an Emergency Action Plan for Gatewood Dam, draft a Local Flood Hazard plan addressing the lesser flooding events downtown, assist the Town with their DCR Grant applications, and also provide recommendations for iFlows stations.

The Town has used their EAP document in a tabletop exercise to comply with Virginia dam safety regulations.