Goodyear Tire Plant

The “VMI Tire Machines Phase 2” and the “Mixer #7 Upgrade” are among the numerous construction projects undertaken at the Goodyear Fayetteville Plant on which Froehling & Robertson, Inc. provided
engineering services. The VMI Tire Machines Phase 2 consisted of removing the existing concrete slab and a portion of the slab sub base, and then installing a new foundation and reinforcing the existing building roof trusses. The Mixer #7 Upgrade consisted of adding a new electrical control room, equipment removal and foundation pit concrete infill, structural modifications to an existing elevated slab, and slab removal and replacement.

F&R performed the construction materials testing for these projects. This included field density testing for soils, field and strength testing of concrete, mortar, and grout, floor flatness testing, structural reinforcement evaluation, weld testing of trusses, including paint thickness verification. F&R was also required to perform auger cast pile monitoring for the Mixer #7 Upgrade.

The Goodyear Fayetteville Plant is a high security facility, necessitating extensive background checks for our technicians that included drug testing (hair sampling) for any personnel who would be asked to spend any significant amount of time in the plant. With the plant is 24/7 operation, following safety procedures was also of the upmost importance. F&R’s quick response to the stringent requirements and demands of the plant, including last minute scheduling requirements, allowed the project to go forward without delays.