Governors Drive Reconstruction

The affluent Governor’s Club community features roadways constructed of concrete rather than conventional asphalt paving, lending a unique upscale appearance to the development. However, due to lack of design and construction experience in the engineering community 22 years ago, the pavement has shown premature signs of distress and failure.

Since the community did not want to switch to a cheaper asphalt roadway, F&R determined that the road had to be demolished and a properly jointed pavement system designed, so our engineers embarked on a plan to construct a cement-stabilized subgrade rather than on a conventional crushed stone base. Rarely used in residential construction, this solution resulted in more than $200,000 savings and cut several months off the construction timeline.

Due to the lack of contractors with residential concrete pavement construction experience, F&R was also asked to participate in the contractor prequalification and interview process.

The new road is expected to last 40 – 50 years, twice the life of the original roadway.