GWU Square 77A Residential Development

F&R provided geotechnical services in support of this $105M residential expansion at the George Washington University.

The new residence hall was designed as an 11 story reinforced concrete building with two stories below grade with new interior construction, while retaining existing historic façades, in order to maintain the unique characteristics of the GWU campus. Construction began in Summer 2013 and will be completed by Summer 2016.

With the aid of robotic equipment, F&R performed preconstruction surveys, monitored historic and adjacent structures for the Contractor and provided monitoring of the WAMTA Blue/Orange tunnel adjacent to the project site using robotic survey instrumentation in general accordance with the WMATA Adjacent Construction Project Manual and approved permits. The project team also provided engineering recommendations for foundation and excavation considerations including the underpinning of existing structures.

F&R’s geotechnical program consisted of a subsurface exploration including 16 standard penetration borings of up to 50 feet each and the installation of groundwater monitoring wells to assist in the determination of dewatering specifications. Subsequent to field and laboratory testing on sampled materials, F&R’s geotechnical engineers offered suitable foundation recommendations relative to the subsurface conditions encountered and seismic site classification.

Furthermore, F&R was involved as a design phase consultant through commencement of construction activities, providing guidance to the design team on variables such as underpinning, site preparation, construction document review, recommendations for field QC/inspections, and proposing alternate stabilization methods as necessary.