Hampton Inn & Suites

Froehling & Robertson, Inc. was hired to provide Special Inspections and construction materials testing services for the new 123 room hotel atop the existing 7-story Market (parking) Garage in downtown Roanoke.

F&R’s scope of services during this project included:

Compacted Fill: We provided observation and testing for the new compacted fill in general accordance with ASTM D6938 (i.e. nuclear methods).

Cast-in-Place Concrete: F&R provided observation and testing for the placement of plastic concrete in general accordance with the recommendations of ACI 301-10, and the requirements of ACI 318-08.

Pre-Stressed Concrete: We observed the application of pre-stressing force for pre-stressed concrete construction.

Masonry: F&R provided observation and testing of masonry materials prior to (during construction of mock-up assemblies) and during the masonry phase of construction.

Structural Steel: We observed and tested the bolted and welded connections associated with the new structural steel, joists, and decking.

Fireproofing: F&R provided observation and testing including thickness, density, and bond strength testing on sprayed fire resistive materials (SFRM).